Radically altering the health care environment

Let’s put party politics aside for the moment, and consider the effect of radically altering the health care environment on the American people.  By CBO estimates, the various Republican plans would have removed coverage for between 22 and 30 million Americans.  That is not what we ultimately wanted to achieve as a nation. We ultimately all want a situation in which Americans are healthy and productive while enjoying a health care system that is robust and fiscally sound.

As Senator McCain rightly chided us, is going to require work. The arcane and deliberative rules of the Senate were designed by the Constitution’s framers to force broad consensus and incremental change. We are not a kingship, but a Republic that stands united or falls in division. That is the grand bargain we struck when we declared ourselves a free people and threw off the autocratic rule of the England’s monarchy.  By design, achieving the goal of democratic rule by, of, and for the people requires more than merely the stroke of a pen or an executive order. Winning is achieved, not merely, in the outcome of the legislation that is produced, but in the process by which legislation is produced.