EXCLUSIVE: HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on Houston

Yesterday, HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Secretary Dr. Ben Carson joined me on my SiriusXM radio show on Urban View Channel 126 to discuss Houston. As the head of the department responsible for housing and public housing, Dr. Carson traveled with President Trump to get an on the ground assessment of the condition in order to better be able to assist in the aftermath. 

"The local, state and federal officials are working extremely well together. It is recognized that we all must be successful for any of us to be successful. We must especially care for our most vulnerable fellow citizens. Once the rescue phase is complete, the long recovery phase will continue until the job is finished. As long as we are united through Godly principles, we will prevail," said Dr. Carson.

The rebuilding efforts are going to be long and arduous and take billions of dollars. Like Katrina, these disasters aren't easy for anyone involved, which is why it's so essential that we all do what we can to help. Below I have included some links for those of us who are able and willing to help.

Donate cash

The Red Cross and Salvation Army have asked for donations as the groups provide water and shelters to the victims of the storm.

"Right now the best thing people can do is donate money," said Katrina Farmer, a director with the American Red Cross. "This is going to be an expensive disaster."   

To donate, visit the American Red Cross here.

To donate to the Salvation Army, click here.

Donate Blood/Diapers

"Diapers are not provided by disaster relief agencies," the Texas Diaper Bank said on Facebook. The agency has asked people to donate diapers to families displaced by the storm.