2020 Challengers to POTUS are wishful thinkers

Whispers of a 2020 challenge to President Trump are wishful plants by know-nothings. A challenge may come from inside the GOP, but if it does, John Kasich will lead not Tom Cotton or Sasse. Trump has maintained over 75 percent approval with registered Republicans, and despite the mainstream media constant attacks and attempts to undermine his administration, voters have seen through the masquerade. 

President Trump has made it very clear that he plans to run for reelection again in 2020. And I suspect that he will receive the same amount of support that he received in 2016, and if nothing is accomplished by then, it will be because of Democrat obstruction and the mainstream media's false narrative about the president's policies. The media continues to prey on fear, but after awhile people will see through their slanted jargon. 

Under President Trump, the stock market has seen record highs, jobs are coming back, and he has deregulated industries, relieving the burden on many of our small businesses and allowing them to thrive again. There are many positive things about the Trump presidency that are being blatantly ignored because of bias, but that won't stop those of us who support the president from continuing to stand with him as he 'Make America Great Again!'