Partisanship on both sides is destroying our democratic process

Partisanship on both sides is destroying the fabric of our democratic process. A Pew Research study found that "over the last thirty years, the nation has grown more partisan and Congress has become less effective. Each side is more extreme, and each bases their political agenda on demonizing the other side. Each side engages in political machinations, which include partisan gerrymandering and manipulating the rules of Congress to get their way, stymie their opponents, or deny them office completely."

To appease the extremes of their base, political leaders would rather wage fruitless political wars against one another over working together to pass legislation that is in the best interest of the American people. We merely have to look at health care and immigration, two issues that we should be able to find common ground on. No one side is going to get everything they want, and our democracy wasn't created so that one side would always prevail. Instead, it is built on the idea of compromise, where no one side gets everything they want, and that is what makes our democracy flourish. 

Remember President Reagan and Tipp O'Neil? The two men were polar opposites ideological, but both men understood that they both had to compromise in order to accomplish policies that were in the interest of the American people and by all accounts there were successful. Today's politicians could learn a lot from the past because a continuation of what we see today will only further the divide and frustration that is so obvious throughout our country. People want results and right now our political leaders aren't delivering because they continue to allow partisanship to get in the way our effective governance.