America's show of force

For eight years, the Obama Administration relied mostly on soft power to deal with our adversaries and those policies were a disaster. One merely needs to look at North Korea. Under the Obama Administration, Kim Jung Un was able to accelerate North Korea's nuclear and missile system. The result of their development is not only a threat to the region and our allies, but it is also a threat to Guam a U.S. territory.

Though some didn't like President Trump's strong words about North Korea, he has no other the choice. It's time to use hard power. It's time to put all options on the table including military force to deal with North Korea because it should be clear to all concerned that more sanctions are meaningless and diplomacy has all but failed.

America's show of force is not meant to bully anyone but is intended to serve as a warning to North Korea and any other nation that doesn't recognize that the way we handled our foriegns affairs in the past has come to an end. We must protect our interest across the globe and that means coming to the defense of our allies.