The Russia Investigation is heating up

1) Investigations of this order are necessarily intense, comprehensive and thus, scary. That's not new. However, they're newsworthy because of so many interviewed and to what degree. Look at any prior special counsel, and you'll see the same, for Republicans or Democrats.

2) That said, expect Sean Spicer to be a central figure. Not because he's a Commie. He was just in so many important meetings as the president's spokesman. 

3) Paul Manafort will likely be indicted. There is a lot of focus on him at the moment, and none of it is good. However, the lingering question is whether or not Manafort will look to make a deal. If he does, what are the implications for The White House? 

It is clear that this investigation isn't going anywhere and I can only hope that things don't get any worse for the American people.