Let's come up with creative solutions to deal with DACA

The debate over DACA underscores the erosion of certain skills in the U.S. labor market - for example, farming and construction. Democrats threaten that if undocumented immigrants are deported, who will be left to perform work in these sectors. As a farmer - what do you think about the necessity of farm labor skills in the American economy? How can the educational system support agriculture and building trades to create a robust American labor force? The question of "who will be left to perform work in these sectors" assumes that the American people are unwilling and perhaps even unable to consider picking up the void left by illegal immigrants. However, that couldn't be the furthest thing from the truth. Consider the plethora of troubled kids who could work these some of these jobs during the summer or those who fill our prisons who could fill these jobs. Yes, I know these are creative ideas, but the point that I am attempting to make is that there are real solutions that we could come up with to fill the void. Why not take a more serious look at these ideas to see what would work. 

We need one million more farm-workers in the country. Should we import them or grow them at home? I'm of the belief that we should grow them because we have the manpower to do so.