Sweden Day 3 with Dr. Devon Smith: January 10, 2018


Dr. Devon Smith

Today is a travel day as we are moving to a different city in Sweden, Malmo, another alleged “no-go” zone. We are halfway through the trip, and at this point, I think so far one of the biggest takeaways from my perspective is that the people of Sweden seem to be divided into two distinct groups. Those that believe that there is a problem with the current immigration policy and those that do not think a problem exists or if there is one, it's not related to immigration.

Having been here for three days now and following many conversations with a variety of people it seems to me, as I mentioned yesterday, which there is a significant clash between immigrant culture and Swedish culture. To that end, it is clear to me that immigrants for whatever reason, are not assimilating or integrating themselves into Swedish culture. Furthermore, there is not an established plan by the Swedish government to encourage assimilation. A great example of failure to assimilate is the treatment of women and the idea that women are second-class citizens. Since the immigration “boom” in 2015, the number rapes against women have increased by 13%. While the data is not available (the government won’t provide it) to identify the profile of the perpetrators, it would seem to me that the correlation between the immigration boom and the increase in rape offenses are apparent. And if there's not a correlation, why won’t the government provide the data. As one of the women we spoke to pointed out, rape has always happened in Sweden, but specifically, gang rapes have risen as the number of immigrants as increased.

As a woman, the most frustrating aspect of this story is the Swedish governments’ refusal to allow police to racially describe or profile criminals. Imagine that there is a potential rapist on the loose, and the police system is forbidden to describe the criminal. This failure of the system undoubtedly puts more women at risk as well as potentially delaying the period of time that the perpetrator might be taken into custody as the public cannot offer any guidance or tips. The country is more concern about being politically correct than about protecting its citizens and holding those responsible, regardless of race, accountable. Another thought or compounding factor is a natural pride it seems many Swedes exude. Not necessarily a bad trait to have but perhaps they are so prideful that they cannot admit that maybe, just maybe immigration reform needs to happen. Furthermore, if one wants to admit that there is a problem, many remain silent for fear of being labeled as islamophobic given the aggressive political correctness of the country. As one woman we spoke to reflected, is Sweden paralyzed in fear just like its rape victims?