Understanding Your Finances

By: Karl Nelson, NYC Correspondent/Social Media Exec.

Another special live edition of The Armstrong Williams Show, “Understanding Your Finances,” aired on NewsChannel 8 over the weekend.

Understanding your finances is one of the smartest things that you could possibly do in today’s world. That’s why The Armstrong Williams Show dedicated a full show to this topic over the weekend. Whether it’s following a budget, managing your credit score, saving and investing money, or knowing the difference between an asset and a liability, it’s imperative that you “understand your finances.”

I sat down with MJ Oridami, a senior hedge fund accountant based in New York, to get an expert opinion on how the average person can better understand their finances. During the interview, we talked about…

·      A good starting point for people who are new to managing finances

·      Basic finance tips for those currently struggling to manage their finances

·      Some of the typical questions the common person asks MJ about finances

·      The importance of financial literacy in school curriculums across the country

·      How to better understand your credit score

·      How to save and invest your money

Financial freedom is nearly impossible to achieve today if money management is foreign to you.

Unfortunately, we live in a country where most young people graduate from high school and college not knowing the basics about their finances.  

Financial literacy is arguably one of the most important subjects that a school could add to its curriculum. That’s a sentiment that MJ echoed during our interview. His commentary was evidence of how beneficial it can be if one takes the time to learn more about finance, the correct way. | KMN

Below is a snippet from my interview with MJ. Stay tuned for more snippets of our conversation about understanding your finances.