Both Sides of the Coin

By: Karl Nelson, NYC Correspondent/Social Media Exec.

I spoke with New York resident Estefani Aguiluz ahead of a special Town Hall, “Both Sides of the Coin,” which airs on WJLA 24/7 tonight from 7-8pm and will be moderated by Broadcast Heavyweight Armstrong Williams.

Town Hall Overview:

Men and women in their twenties and thirties from different backgrounds (inner-city, suburbs, ethnicity, etc.) discuss their upbringings; the similarities and the differences, along with lessons learned to create the people they've become today.  

Aguiluz is just like many other people in America and around the world today. Her upbringing is exactly why she is who she is today as a young woman living in New York City.

She credits her hardworking, working-class parents for why she is passionate about people, especially minorities — the group of individuals that she relates to the most considering the fact that her parents migrated to this country decades ago.

During tonight’s live broadcast, you will hear from a group of guests who have also been shaped by their upbringings and experiences — people from both sides of the coin. | KMN