SiriusXM Urban View

By Kevin Chiucchini @kevincushingc

I’m not a fan of amusement park rides, especially the kind that take unexpected turns and flip upside down, but on Thursday’s show, Army & Q opened the knowledge theme park and we all took a ride on the educational rollercoaster. Sometimes as a radio-host, you can plan and prepare all you want for a certain topic, though ultimately the dialogue is dependent on the feelings and mood of the people. Armstrong started off the show by mentioning the 12th school shooting in the U.S. since the beginning of the year, the controversy of nepotism surrounding HUD Secretary Carson’s son, and then transitioned into the highly anticipated memo to be released by Donald Trump later this afternoon.

The main argument from the callers and most political analysts is that releasing the republican drafted memo could potentially dissolve any cases of collusion regarding Donald J. Trump and Russia. The Nunes drafted memo is supposed to shed light on whether the FBI misled a court to receive a warrant to spy on Trump’s presidential campaign.  According to one caller, the level of trust in the African-American community for the F.B.I. and Donald Trump are low, but even lower for our President. Several times it was mentioned from callers that by releasing the memo, he is only trying to save himself, without any regard for the damage it could do to both political parties. I asked the question in the negative to Army, “Who is this not going to hurt?”. The only answer I can personally come up with is the Russians.

Occasionally a caller will tell Army they listen to his show, but don’t support his views, and usually that leads to a better discussion than someone calling to praise and pledge unconditional support. Radio hosts, journalists, and politicians can claim they have the right answer and solution to every issue, but at no point is it appropriate to keep others silent so you can make your point the only correct one. To summarize the ultimate lesson from the show, it’s appropriate to finish with the poignant statement by Army, “I’m not here to be right. I’m here to know the truth and help others know the truth”. As far as the criticism and controversial questions, Army and Q are always ready.