Proposed budget cuts would hurt HUD

Today, the leader at HUD isn’t some unrealistic, left-wing idealist but a brilliant, pragmatic, principled man who wants to empower residents, build human capital, restore more local control and introduce the concept of personal responsibility wherever it’s appropriate. 

Dr. Ben Carson was nominated by President Trump to remake HUD into an agency that reflects these values and priorities. He is doing just that, and he needs the support to continue his good work. 

Washington, D.C. is a town that is full of rumors. One could say that rumors fuel the media and the political class in the city. And you wouldn’t be wrong. One such story going around suggests that the Office of Management and Budget is planning on a disastrous budget with double-digit cuts for Dr. Carson’s HUD. I’m not sure who thinks of such things. It’s certainly not anyone who has the President’s – let alone the nation’s - best interests at heart. 

Eighty-eight percent of the HUD budget is consumed by five housing programs, much of it contractual with appropriate legal protections. They can’t absorb such cuts without legal liability. Where would OMB have HUD cut? Perhaps veterans homeless assistance? 

This, just as some communities have announced smarter strategies with HUD’s help that have completely eliminated homelessness amongst the men and women who have served our nation and risked their lives. Perhaps OMB would be more sensitive to this consequence if their leaders had been veterans.