Sirius XM Urban View - March 1, 2018

By: Kevin Chiucchini, @kevincushingc

After a brief hiatus, Kevin Q returned to Thursday’s SiriusXM show to accompany his big brother Armstrong in his pursuit of truth, knowledge and wisdom. The first hour of the show was dominated by Hope Hick’s admission that she occasionally told white lies during her time in the White House. Armstrong started off the discussion with the following question: “Why should anyone be offended at Hope Hicks for admitting that she tells white lies for the president?” Some callers were adamant that there is no difference between a white lie and a black lie. However, when questioned further many of these same callers admitted to telling white lies in their daily lives. Kevin also admitted that he has told white lies on occasion and used his time working in a restaurant as an example. He stated that people tell white lies to protect themselves and to protect other people, but called into question the use or admittance of using white lies by a politician or a  journalist.

The second half of the show took a different turn as we discussed the NRA and gun control. Many of the callers, including Armstrong, were ready to defend the NRA. Armstrong stated that, “The NRA was one of the first organizations to support blacks being able to carry firearms”. After a short history lesson from AW and the callers, it became clear that the message of the NRA is responsible gun ownership. To have responsible gun ownership, we need to have responsible sellers and buyers. Most Americans would agree that it makes sense to close loopholes that allow criminals or individuals with a history of mental illness to purchase weapons. It sounds an easy enough take to take guns away from the mentally unstable.  One caller reminded us, however, that someone can be stable for a few weeks and appear normal and then have a psychotic break the next week and become self-destructive and irrational. Instead of singling out the NRA or even glorifying it, it would seem more effective to put pressure on our lawmakers that are allowing these loopholes to continue. For the Trump administration, its beginning to look like the race has just begun.