Recap: SiriusXM Urban View

By: Kevin Chiucchini, @kevincushing

What a joy it is to be white! Did that grab your attention? Now, let me explain and summarize Army’s Thursday show before the whole town pulls out its pitchforks. The show started off with Army introducing the latest news about Laura Ingram’s advertisement dilemma and the success of Rosanne Barr’s reboot of her classic television show. Armstrong questioned the reason for such high ratings for a pilot episode and proposed that the show represents “Middle America”. Attempting to define what Middle America means was the catalyst into a much larger debate about race in America. We also tried to identify whether or not white privilege exists or if it is simply a tool used by society. A mechanism that ensures that we crabs continue to pull each other back into the inescapable bucket.

After a few callers joined in to offer their definition of middle America, I jumped in and claimed that when I think of middle America, I can’t help but associate the term with white people. As a result, Armstrong asked me if I feel that I get special treatment or privileges because I’m white. I answered truthfully by claiming that feel that I do. When I travel domestically or internationally, I think that people assume that I have money because I’m white. I feel there is a perception that American’s or white people have more money to spend because of feelings that linger from the days of colonialism and slavery. I don’t want to sound inappropriate nor am I trying to rabble-rouse, I’m simply stating how I feel. Armstrong faithfully stuck to his belief that color or race is not and should never be a contributing factor to someone’s success. I believe that the callers and I were in agreement on the fact that race shouldn’t impact an individual’s success, however, we felt that the idea should always be open for discussion

How many people’s careers have been ruined because a small minority or a group of minorities claim to speak for all? Armstrong and I may disagree, but I feel strongly that last night’s show resulted in a productive discussion. I don’t think that any of the callers last night felt that we were race baiting. Nor did they feel that we were trying to give excuses or claim that a person of color can’t be successful. I personally felt the camaraderie from my American brothers and sisters who called in to try to seek a solution through constructive dialogue. While one person may see ignorance and helplessness, another person may see an opportunity to influence and educate. Everyone is prone to losing touch from reality while sitting in an ivory tower. Truly, only a man of the people would be immune.