The Armstrong Williams Show: A recap of last week's hot topics

By: Karl Nelson, Social Media Manager, @KarlNelsonJR

The Broadcast Heavyweight, Armstrong Williams, was off the air for most of last week, but The Armstrong Williams Show remained one of the hottest shows on the airwaves thanks to guest hosts Dr. Devon Smith, Attorney Shelby Emmett, Political Commentator Shermichael Singleton, and others. 

In Armstrong’s absence, these guest hosts covered hot topics that included:

  • Michael Cohen’s raid
  • Voting rights
  • Workplace bullying
  • Zuckerberg’s hearing
  • 2018 tax tips 

When Armstrong returned to the airwaves on Friday, he and his guests Diamond and Silk --social media personalities and Trump supporters -- did not disappoint. Their fiery dialogue about Diamond and Silk’s alleged Facebook ban, freedom of speech, and their unwavering support for President Trump, led to a very intriguing and provocative two-hour show. 

The Armstrong Williams Show continues to be the most called-in show on SiriusXM Urban View, and that was extremely evident on Friday, as many listeners called into the show — some flat out in disagreement with Diamond and Silk while others commended the Republican duo for their political views.

Armstrong also appeared on News Channel 8 and WBFF Fox 45 on Friday to discuss the life and legacy of Winnie Mandela as well as President Trump’s legal woes.

That’s not all, though. The Armstrong Williams Show was live Saturday morning on News Channel 8 for yet another successful and informative TV broadcast: “Urban America and Inner Cities.”

Stay tuned for much more from The Armstrong Williams Show this week. 

You can listen to The Armstrong Williams Show on SiriusXM Urban View 126 Monday - Friday from 6-8pm. You can also watch The Armstrong Williams Show Saturday mornings from 10:30-11:30am LIVE on News Channel 8.