France's Most Infamous Terrorist Attack

By: Dr. Devon Smith, HSH Correspondents

After a long day and minor hotel snafu,13,2015 our team was able to catch a few hours of sleep before Tuesday. We started the day by venturing to the Bataclan. 

Often referred to as “the Bataclan”, this is probably the most infamous terrorist attack in France’s history and it occurred in the country’s capital, Paris. On No13, 2015 a series of 6 coordinated attacks, committed by radical Islamic terrorists, were carried around in different areas of Paris. The Bataclan was a popular concert venue that was one of the 6 locations targeted in the attacks. In all, 130 people were murdered, 89 of those innocent victims were at the Bataclan. Over 400 people were injured. 

I had a chance to briefly sit down with Sarah K. who, luckily, was late to the concert and as a result was just outside the venue when she heard those horrifying gun shots, no doubt indicating that something was horribly amiss. Rather than seek shelter, Sarah and her friends began to help the victims despite the potential risk to their own lives. 

While the attack was as over two years ago, the course of Sarah’s life has inevitably been altered. Following the attacks, as a practicing attorney, she redirected her focus towards efforts to help detect radicalized or potentially dangerous young men. Her goal, obviously, to prevent senseless acts going forward. She also helps and advocates for programs that work to improve education and training for first responders.

While the Bataclan is still open, Sarah has not yet been able to bring herself to attend concerts at a venue that she was loved. However, whenever she and her friends are in the area, they take it upon themselves to gather somewhere close by in solitude with each other and in memory of those who were lost.

Bataclan Memorial