SiriusXM Recap with Dr. Devon Smith

By: Dr. Devon Smith, HSH Correspondent

As with every Tuesday, last night I (Dr. Devon Smith) joined Armstrong for his two-hour radio show. Renee Garfinkel, an HSH Correspondent living in Israel, joined us for the first hour and Shelby Emmett, a first amendment lawyer, for the second.

Armstrong started the show by bringing up the Saudi Arabian Prince’s recent statement that Israeli’s deserve their own land. Renee, who can speak on the situation from first hand experience, seemed hopeful by the statement and what it MIGHT mean. While the message from the Saudi Prince is certainly promising, only time will tell whether his words hold truth. Although Israeli’s remain hopeful. In fact, Renee pointed out that in the last two weeks Saudi Arabia allowed, for the first time ,a plane headed for Israel to fly over its airspace. While we are on the topic of Israel we also discussed Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent statement about the reversal of an agreement with the UN regarding immigrants.  On Tuesday, it was announced that Israel had agreed to take in thousands of immigrants from North Africa. However, within hours of the announcement, Netanyahu cancelled the agreement after concerns that it might encourage further illegal immigration. I inquired about the concern for increased anti-Semitism. from the cultures entering Israel. Renee pointed out, which I found interesting, that she felt the issues more had to do with encouraging illegal immigration rather than increased anti-Semitism. As she put it, “They’ve (the Israelis) always known that the immigrants are anti-sematic”.

From here we moved to Trump’s 50% approval rating. Neither Armstrong nor I were shocked, Renee, however, was more surprised. Armstrong and I agreed that some of the reason Trump has been successful is because of his unfiltered attitude. I went on to further point out that people are fed up with the media’s constant negative coverage of the President. Organizations like CNN are shooting themselves in the foot with their biased reporting. We went to the phone lines and the first caller advocated that CNN was not a biased organization. Armstrong jumped in because he found it ridiculous that anyone could believe that CNN is not a biased organization. While I enjoy a good discussion on media bias, the lines were packed and callers wanted to focus on Israel!

One of the callers joined the discussion to condemn Israel for its attack on 700 protestors at the Gaza Strip that took the lives of 17 Palestinians over the weekend. Renee, pointed out that the “demonstrations” in Gaza are NOT peaceful- despite what media will have you believe. The demonstrators have guns, Molotov cocktails, fire bombs etc. The demonstrators had an ultimate goal of knocking down a fence along the Gaza Strip and entering Israel. As a result, Renee pointed out, and rightfully so, Israel had to respond with force to prevent violent demonstrators from entering the country and causing more harm. Israel forces had no choice but to protect their boarders and to take a stand to prevent further violence from occurring. Unfortunately, that resulted in loss of life. You can read more on Renee’s take by reading her article ,“Gaza reality check” in the Washington Times.

I truly enjoy each of our callers, however, there were two caller’s last night that, in my opinion, made very well thought out and lucid comments. The first was a woman who joined us to point out that so many people engage in the radio show emotionally rather than intellectually. Instead of calling in and saying, “I read this here” or “this study proved this fact”, people call in and talk with emotion. Coming from the medical field, I understand the value of reading and research. As a result, I encourage all of our listeners to read more and in particular, read news sources that might not mirror your own views. A second favorite came from Rob in Seattle. He addressed the callers and said: “American’s wanted Trumpisms over Trump and doing over talking”. He went on to point out that there is still a huge silent majority that supports Trump and for good reason. He is getting things done.