The Armstrong Williams Show: May 8, Recap

For the first half hour of the May 8th radio show on Sirius XM Radio 126, Armstrong and I were joined by Dr. Sebastian Gorka to discuss the latest news about the Iran Deal and Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the deal. Dr. Gorka is an expert on the ongoing challenges that the United States faces in the Middle East and is the author of the NYT Best Seller, Defeating Jihad.

Dr. Gorka started with a brief explanation of the deal and offered his opinion as to why Donald Trump’s announcement to withdraw the US from the Iran Deal was in our country’s best interest. Given my experience with the show and with our callers, I knew Dr. Gorka was in for a combative thirty minutes.

The first caller brought up Iraq and that WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) were never found despite claims by the US Government. The callers point was that the government, from his perspective, lied about Iraq and WMD, why should we believe the government now. Dr. Gorka pushed back with the evidence of nerve gas agents that Saddam Hussein used against his own people, women and children etc. I guess the question is, how do you define a WMD. By my book, a nerve agent being used on civilians qualifies. Nuclear bombs are NOT the only WMD. I think the people of Syria would agree with me.

Another caller was critical of what he called the double standard between sanctions against Iran but not against Russia, for similar behavior. Dr. Gorka immediately pushed back, rightfully so in my opinion, and pointed out the expulsion of Russian diplomats from US soil as well as other trade sanctions against the country in the wake of the attack on agents in the UK.

One of the most frustrating moments of the first hour, was a caller’s reply to being encouraged by Dr. Gorka to go and “see for himself” rather than be spoon fed information. Specifically, we were discussing the treatment of Africans in Israel. The caller replied that he didn’t need to see anything for himself since the media tells him everything he needs to know. I believe the old adages “ignorance is bliss” or “head in the sand” apply.

For the second hour the conversation pivoted to a discussion about Kanye West. We were joined by 1st Amendment Lawyer, Shelby Emmett, as well as Jeffrey McCune, Professor of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Washington University in St. Louis.

We started with a clip of Kanye West’s now famous comments regarding slavery being a choice. The Professor argued that Kanye was confusing emancipation with slavery. Shelby, however, was quick to offer that she felt that Kanye said exactly what he wanted to say- I have to side with her. Shelby went on to point out that many Africans benefited from the slave trade and profited from selling their brothers to white men. Furthermore, she pointed out that there are many instances in European history when European’s tried to enslave other cultures and were unsuccessful.

I had to leave the show and catch my train but as a last point- one of the caller’s accused Shelby of “talking white”. What does that even mean? Because Shelby disagreed with the status quo and the caller she must be “talking white”? I urge callers to not just listen but to also hear what our guests have to say. Absolutely call in and offer a different opinion but do so respectfully and with thought! You only serve to discredit your own argument when you being with statements like “you’re talking white”.