The Armstrong Williams Show: May 1, Recap

For last night’s radio show, Armstrong and I were joined by Renee from Jerusalem. As usual,
the discussion was lively and for the first few minutes of the show we discussed the recent
bombshell from Benjamin Netanyahu regarding Iran and the Nuclear Deal. Renee gave us a run-
down briefly and touched on how the documents were obtained- in what seems to be an
undercover mission reminiscent of the Cold War! As she pointed out it will be interesting to
how these findings impact the US and Donald Trump as he will make a decision regarding
participation into the Iran Deal by May 12th.

After Renee’s brief Israel/Iran update we switched topics to discuss the White House
Correspondent’s Dinner and the controversy surrounding some of the comments Michelle Wolf
made. Armstrong took the conversation a little further to the idea of death threats that
undoubtedly happen to people from both the LEFT and the RIGHT. What has our society
become where a disagreement over IDEAS results in bodily harm?

Initially, callers were quick to blame the leaders of our country- a la Donald Trump- and his lack
of decorum. Furthermore, callers were offended that POTUS uses Twitter to connect to the
American people, arguing that it was unprofessional. They felt that he should stick to press
conferences and news outlets- the more traditional, acceptable means of communication. I
pushed back, arguing that who is to say what is an “acceptable” form of communication. One
hundred years ago CNN and Fox News didn’t exist and Twitter is a facet of our ever evolving
technology. Would the callers be AS offended if the CONTENT of Trump’s Twitter was more
professional? I would imagine that they would be less offended.

I, also think that it is naïve to blame our culture of violence on one single person. Furthermore, I
would argue that most (not ALL) teens etc rarely watch or pay attention to the county’s political
discourse. Meaning that, the attitudes and behaviors we are seeing have been developing in
society for some time and that we must first look at the family environment. How are our
children being raised at home and what are they being taught in schools were violence and
bullying are acceptable responses to a disagreement on thought? Caller’s largely agreed with
me- that we have lost our faith and our family values.

One of the best things about the show was the level of respect caller’s had for hearing our
opinions and offering their counterpoints. Respectful dialog has all be vanished from our
society and it was lovely to have respectful debate. In closing, I will share comments from a few
caller’s who took time to champion support for Armstrong. Here are a few things that they had
to say:

“Keep doing what you’re doing its really appreciated”

“I truly believe you are going to assist this country in making America greater than it has ever

“You are a breath of fresh air, I’ve never heard you before….I appreciate you so very much”