The Armstrong Williams Show: A 'Fair' Voice for the Voiceless

By: Karl Nelson, Social Media Manager, @KarlNelsonJR

The Armstrong Williams Show doesn’t shy away from the tough topics or controversial issues plaguing everyday Americans. That’s what being a voice for the voiceless is all about. 

Whether it’s giving young America a platform to express themselves, discussing the importance of second chances for ex-convicts, having open dialogue about marijuana legalization, or covering controversial topics about the president, The Armstrong Williams Show provides provocative dialogue that aims to push our society forward.

That’s what the show accomplished last week on the radio and television airwaves. Each show evoked emotion while educating millions of listeners and viewers. 

Last week, our radio broadcasts covered numerous topics, including:

• President Trump’s character, presidential campaign, legal woes, and policy
• The Iran Deal
• North Korea
• Michelle Wolf’s controversial jokes at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner
• Marijuana legalization
• Providing a second chance to ex-convicts returning to regular society

Last week, our live TV broadcast focused on:

• Young America
• The status of America’s health
• Current events

This week’s dialogue aims to have an even greater impact, which has already been evident with the Broadcast Heavyweight, Armstrong Williams, and his elite guests, who have discussed:

• The impact of abortion on black communities across the nation
• Iran Deal Withdrawal
• Kanye West
• U.S. Foreign Policy
• The FBI
• President Trump

Be on the lookout for what The Armstrong Williams Show has in store for its audience for the rest of this week on both the radio and TV. 

I want to also credit our guests/panelists, who contributed greatly to the show last week and so far this week:

• David Cay Johnston
• Dr. Devon Smith
• Renee Garfinkel
• Attorney A. Scott Bolden
• Bjorn Brooks
• Shermichael Singleton
• Brandon Chrostowski
• Yodit Tewolde
• Amber Athey
• Dan King
• E. Clay Sailor
• Suraya Ali
• Joshua Izykowski
• Nathaniel Jordan
• Rock Newman
• Jacqueline Hawkins
• PhD C. Fletcher Armstrong
• Rev. Childress Jr. 
• Attorney Shelby Emmett
• Sebastian Gorka
• Frank Gaffney
• Larry Klayman
• Logan Delany
• Jeffrey McCune

You can listen to The Armstrong Williams Show on SiriusXM Urban View 126 Monday - Friday from 6-8pm. You can also watch The Armstrong Williams Show Saturday mornings from 10:30-11:30am LIVE on News Channel 8.