AW's Farewell Show on SiriusXM was not only a tribute to his 25-year radio career, it was a tribute to his incredible parents

By: Karl Nelson, Social Media Manager, @KarlNelsonJR on Twitter

Broadcast Heavyweight Armstrong Williams said farewell to his SiriusXM Urban View audience Tuesday night as he hosted The Armstrong Williams Show for the last time. 

After 25 years on the radio (10 with SiriusXM), Williams is walking away from the radio airwaves in order to focus his attention more on his television holdings, which have grown tremendously over the years.

This was a hard decision for Williams considering how therapeutic he says radio has been for him over the years. What made his SiriusXM show so special was the connection he had with his millions of listeners. Williams provided people from all walks of life with a platform to speak out about issues that they were truly passionate about.

Whether it was immigration, race, apartheid, mental health, entrepreneurship, relationships, gun reform, foreign policy, The Armstrong Williams Show never disappointed its audience. The show always delivered unprecedented and provocative dialogue.

Throughout the years, not only has Williams been known for his open mic dialogue about a wide range of topics, but he’s also been known to bring very well informed and talented guests on the show to add to the conversation — folks like Steve Harvey, Dr. Ben Carson, Pras Michel, Zane, Larry Klayman, Logan Delany, Lois Johnson, Renee Garfinkel, Eboni K. Williams, Benjamin Crump, Diamond & Silk, John Keys, Shermichael Singleton, Dr. Devon Smith, Shelby Emmett, Kevin Chiucchini, Bjorn Brooks and so many more.

In fact, a few of Williams’ good friends and former guests took the time to call into show Tuesday night to offer their kind sentiments and to wish him all the best as he continues on this illustrious journey as the largest minority media owner in the country. 

Secretary Ben Carson, a longtime confidant of Williams, called into the show to congratulate Williams on his success, and he made it clear that there’s many more great things in store for his friend. 

“You’re the largest minority owner of TV stations and you’re just beginning,” Carson told Williams. 

Williams’ mentor and friend, Mr. Bob Brown, called into the show to reflect on the accomplished man that Williams has become. 

“I’m so proud of you,” Brown told Williams. “[As a young man], you rose to the occasion. You were very smart. I remember when you met with Nelson Mandela and had a meal with him after he left prison. You were actually one of the first people to have a meal with him after he got out of prison.”

Attorney Benjamin Crump, another longtime friend of Williams, said his heart was “heavy,” knowing that he would no longer be able to listen to Williams on the radio.

“My heart is a little heavy my brother,” Crump told Williams. “It’s the end of an era. I can’t believe we won’t be able to tune into the radio and hear you talk about the issues anymore.”

SiriusXM Urban View will air replays from The Best of The Armstrong Williams Show for the rest of this week. Be sure to tune into SiriusXM Urban View Channel 126 from 6-8pm.

In the final days of the show, many of Williams’ longtime listeners called into the show to express their gratitude and to offer their best wishes to Williams.

“Armstrong, my prayers will be with you as you embark on new endeavors,” one caller said. “May God be with you.”

“You’re a uniter,” another caller said. “You have united us from both sides of the aisle. Thank you for shining your light.”

“Not a lot of radio hosts rethink their perspective, but you have,” a longtime listener told Williams. “Listening to your show, I made a decision to listen whether I agreed or not. It’s because of your show that I started a growth plan.”

“You have so much love in your heart,” another longtime listener said. “You’re a genuine person. I wish you well.”

“Armstrong, you’re making a whole nation of people grow,” one caller said. 

“You are definitely a mighty man of valor and I know the Lord is with you,” another caller said.