The Armstrong Williams Show: June 5, Recap

As with the first Tuesday of every month, last night Armstrong and I were joined by Renee Garfinkle, HSH’s correspondent in Israel. Armstrong, as usual, jumped right in and started a discussion about the White House’s handling of the Philadelphia Eagles visit and President Trump’s declaration that he would pardon himself, if necessary, from the Muller investigation.

Renee joined in and pointed out that we see self-destructive behavior all of the time in “famous” people whether it be sex, drugs or other attention seeking behavior.

Our first caller offered fantastic insight and suggested that we should focus less on the negative news and erratic behavior of the President and instead we should find a way to take what he is doing with markets and the economy and find a way to make it benefit us, as Americans.

Another caller hailed Trump for being “anti-establishment”. He felt that the Trump Presidency has been so embattled because the established government and media are actively working to undermine him.  He did make clear, however, that Trump’s challenges do NOT justify his actions this week, and we must be cautious about the media and its obvious agenda against the administration.

We have to remember to be patient, as one of our callers said, “please be patient with me, God is not through with me yet.” God has a plan and we must let him see it through. Ultimately, as we all agreed, it is hard to know what’s on Trump’s mind and hopefully, he knows what he’s doing.

My big take away from the radio show last night is the idea that “both things can be true”. Allow me to explain. One caller brought up the NFL protests and I expressed my frustration and annoyance with people who kneel during the anthem. He then followed up by asking whether or not police brutality frustrated and annoyed me. My answer (which seems like a no-brainer) was, "of course it bothers me." Why can’t both be true- I am annoyed and frustrated by anthem protests and I am annoyed and frustrated by police brutality.