Mourning Ari Fuld

Ari’s daughter Tamar, 22, recalled that she laughed when she saw her father that morning, because he wore a skullcap, which she crocheted  for him, that finally matched his shirt. She held it up in her left hand for the mourners to see.

“I always told myself that I am exactly like my Dad. The way I think, the way I talk, the way I do things,” she said.

“One sentence my father always told me, that has stuck with me forever, is, ‘if life is easy, you are living it wrong.’ Life is meant to be hard. That is what I am doing now, it will be hard, I am sure, but at least I know I am doing something right.”

Ari’s son Yakir, 17, said his father only appeared to be old, but that inside, he was still five or six year’s old.

“Every time me, or Natan (his 12-year old brother) or anyone else would get a birthday present,  he would be he first one to say, ‘open it, check what is inside.” If it was a remote control car, or anything else he would be the first one to take it outside and try it, before we even got our hands on it.

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