Your Voice Your Future: Technology

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On the latest installment of Your Voice Your Future, the focus is on technology.

We begin with a package from David Blumenfeld which examines Israel as one of the startup capitals of the world only behind Silicon Valley. Israel’s situation in the middle east, having very little water and natural resources, has not stopped it from making the desert bloom.

Military service in Israel is mandatory but this offers opportunities to get trained in cyber security. The IDF Cyber-Security Training Center is the building block of the technical startup culture in Israel. 

Nancy Conrad gives a personal description of who Pete Conrad was and how his education complimented his creative, technical personality.  

The advancements in technology have been potentiated with human innovation as well as building off of existing technology. The role of educators and parents in jumpstarting a child’s path into the fields of technology is crucial to keeping this pace of development.  

The internet has enabled the development of many technologies but has also led to the increase in automation. 

The future of humanity is going to be determined through technology’s contribution to society. 

We hope you enjoyed the show and be sure to checkout the next one.


  • Nancy Conrad

  • Ximena Hartsock

  • Adeleke Omitowoju