The Armstrong Williams Show: The Political Assault on the Tech Industry

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On this edition of The Armstrong Williams Show, President Trump’s issues with the tech industry are discussed, the latest happenings with Trump and Ukraine are investigated, as well as today’s pressing news stories. 

Bernie Sanders suffered from a heart attack last Tuesday, 10/1, but was able to leave the hospital after three days. The question now is if this will have a major impact on his campaign. 

The example that Brandt Jean set with his forgiveness of Amber Guyger after her sentencing for  killing Botham Jean while he was in his apartment. Brandt, the victim’s brother, chose to forgive Amber Guyger for her mistake which ended with the death of an innocent man.  

Armstrong asks if Donald Trump has set a new standard for craziness. This comes after the released conversations Trump had with Ukraine. Adam Schiff is not getting away unscathed due to his lying multiple times on camera.

The new debate surrounding tech companies is examining their status as monopolies and whether potentially breaking them up is a solution. This is a new world with personal data, and artificial intelligence at the forefront. The DOJ is conducting investigations into Google and Apple and the FTC is after Amazon and Facebook. With the major tech companies cornering most the the advertising marketing, many smaller companies are needing to change their business model. 

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