The Armstrong Williams Show: Affordable Housing

On the latest installment of The Armstrong Williams Show we discuss the housing industry, current geopolitical happenings, the atmosphere around legal marijuana and the 75th anniversary of D-day.

Dr. Ben Carson and Armstrong Williams visit the National Home Builders and Department of Housing and Urban Development exhibit on the national mall. Featuring affordable infrastructure projects, tiny homes, and 3D printed cars.

Elizabeth Singleton from H.O.P.E. and Caronline Vanvick from HUD discuss innovation and housing regulations geared toward affordable tiny homes.

Ambassador Gray gives his opinions on matters such as President Trump and the continued talks of impeachment as well as Nancy Pelosi’s recent comments. Shermichael Singleton engages with the Ambassador and Armstrong by asking what the next move against Trump will be, the goal of Mexico tariffs, China and climate change, and how the US should proceed regarding Iran.

Shermichael and Paul Larkin dive into marijuana and how the people might not be as stoked as they once were. Continuing with the problems that legalization has on minority communities and the issue with growing license distribution and availability.

Lastly we delve into how President Trump represented the US at the 75th anniversary of D-day and how Melania was dressed to a point where she had no peer.


  • Dr. Ben Carson

  • Elizabeth Singleton

  • Caroline Vanvick

  • Ambassardor C. Boyden Gray

  • Paul Larking

  • Shermichael Singleton

  • Ameshia Cross

  • Christian Barnard

  • Inez Stepman