The Armstrong Williams Show: Father's Day Special

On the latest installment of The Armstrong Williams Show we celebrate Father’s Day.

Armstrong is joined by his sister, Mary Boyd-Williams, to reminisce about their father, James Williams, and what it was like to have him as a father.

We hit the streets of New York to interview fathers and sons - listening to their stories and words of wisdom.

Ashley and Adam Work and George McElveen discuss what it means to be a father and the roles a father must take in the family unit. They take us back to what their fathers did for them and how it shaped them into who they are today.

Larry Klayman weighs in with his expertise on the Mueller report and additional investigations as well as touching on Nancy Pelosi and her tactics.  

Dr. Renee Garfinkle reports on the recent events with Russia regarding Iran and Venezuela.

Armstrong sits down with Rick Harrison, “a blue collar historian”, to discuss his life growing up and the success of his show Pawn Stars. Rick goes into how his father instilled the right values for him to succeed in life and how his father’s recent death has affected him.

We hope you enjoyed the show and be sure to checkout the next one.


  • Larry Klayman

  • Rick Harrison

  • Mary Boyd-Williams

  • Ashley Work

  • Adam Work

  • George McElveen