Your Voice Your Future: America in Debt

On the latest installment of Your Voice Your Future we discuss the creeping presence of debt in America. Joining the panel with Armstrong Williams is Bailey Parker, David Stacy, Sue Berkowitz, Owen Willis, and Pastor Lonnie Curl. Our guests engage in discussion and education, from a stance of authority and experience, about issues like credit card debt, interest rates, health care costs, loans, mortgages, and how to manage your finances and debt in this new market. Watch as Armstrong moderates our expert panel to go in depth on the debt slavery that affects every American.

Bailey and Sue stress financial literacy and try to explain the financial battlefield where so many fall victim, due to a lack of knowledge. Delving into the issues, seniors and baby boomers losing their most valuable assets to bad financial literacy and the situation of millennials due to student loans. “The marketplace now compared to 40 years’s a very different marketplace.” - Bailey

Learn about the practices that lenders and banks operate on with insight from Owen and Sue. Find out what the panelists have to say about whether or not you really need a credit card and at who/whom? do creditors aim. “They hope you don’t pay if off” - Owen. David weighs in with his expertise on reverse mortgages and debt consolidation.

Questions, like how does credit affect me, and why do people get into credit card debt, get answered in addition to David providing valuable advice on how to navigate these financial situations.

What is the role of government, the church, or other institutions to help people through this crisis and into debt freedom? Pastor Lonnie joins the panel to discuss how discipline, character, money management, and faith help in staying debt free.

Every American must address and face these challenges. There's so much to learn but this Town Hall will get you one step closer to breaking the shackles of debt in this changing market.

We hope you show and be sure to checkout the next one.


  • Bailey Parker

  • Sue Berkowitz

  • David Stacy

  • Owen Willis

  • Pastor Lonnie Curl Jr.