The Armstrong Williams Show: Immigration, Global Scholars Foundation, Stock market

On the latest installment of The Armstrong Williams Show we discuss the 2020 election trail, immigration, the Global Scholars Foundation, and trading on the stock market.

As President Trump announces his reelection campaign, Amber, Brittany, and Kelsey discuss the democratic nominees and particularly Joe Biden’s position. 

Rep. Hostettler, Gunther, and Amber engage in a productive dialogue about immigration. The conversation ranges from census questions to what the best methods might be for dealing with illegal immigration at the southern border.

Marcia and Jalia share their experience with the Global Scholars Foundation. An organization which empowers students to learn new skills and languages. The experience students gain is then put to the test when they travel to foreign nations.

 Lastly we have day trading and penny stocks with Bjorn and the Karaman family. William Karaman shares his day trading journey, starting at twelve years old, and how he has become such a successful trader. The father, Bill, helps run the business while William teaches others like Bjorn and his sister Katrina.

We hope you enjoyed the show and be sure to checkout the next one.


  • Kelsey Bolar

  • Amber Athey

  • Brittany Lewis

  • Renee Garfinkle

  • Rep. John Hostettler

  • Gunther Sanabria

  • Jalia Johnson

  • Marcia Brown

  • William Karaman 

  • Bjorn Brooks

  • Katrina Karaman

  • Bill Karaman