The Armstrong Williams Show: America's Contribution to the World

The 4th of July is here. Join us as we dive deep into what made America what it is today.

Armstrong Williams sits down with former Ambassador Andras Simonyi to discuss the example America sets. Andras Simonyi was the first ambassador of Hungary to NATO  giving him a unique perspective on America’s contribution. “Europeans hate American leadership, but they hate the lack of it even more” - Andras Simonyi

America has always been a work in progress and as Armstrong says “history moves slowly.” Colleen Shogan along with Bruce Fein discuss the social progress made on gender and race. Kemi Abdul gives a perspective from the outside looking in on how the world views America.

Brittany Lewis and Adam Michel join the panel as they get continue to dissect the rough start America had with equality. There is a difference in opinion when discussing America’s founding and its legislative shortcomings and corrections.

The impact America had over time not only in technological and economic innovation but also in literature, entertainment, and the many reputed American authors cannot be overlooked. Along with innovation came the startling wealth inequality especially seen with the robber barons of the early 20th century. 

We hope you enjoyed the show and be sure to checkout the next one.


  • Ambassador Andras Simonyi

  • Colleen Shogan

  • Bruce Fein

  • Kemi Abdul

  • Brittany Lewis

  • Adam Michel