The Armstrong Williams Show: Restoring Honor and Integrity

On this edition of the Armstrong Williams Show we have an in depth discussion on the importance of your word, integrity, contracts, and honor. “The character of our nation starts with your word.” - Armstrong Williams

The way to teach integrity is not through books and words but through actions. Your word is your bond as explained by Richard Davis. Being able to look someone in the eyes and know they will do what they say use to be common instead of today which requires documents and contracts to enforce integrity.

Ameshia Cross explains the lack of integrity she has experienced with past friendships, and Sebastian Gorka says he does not trust any branch of government, giving his personal experience. As someone in the media, Zach Halaschak tells what a journalist’s greatest asset is, their sources, and how integrity is paramount in those relationships. Our very own correspondent and veterinarian, Devon Smith, is trusted with beloved pets and animals and must deliver to the best of her ability. Casey Given joins the panel and proposes an interesting idea: technology has lessened the need for people to be bound by their word. “The swamp is real and you better watch your six…” - Sebastian Gorka  

Armstrong Williams sits down with Pastor John Jenkins who has an expert perspective on honor and integrity and with former General Timothy Haake who relied on integrity when it matters most, life and death situations.  

We hope you enjoyed the show and be sure to checkout the next one.


  • Richard Davis

  • Ameshia Cross

  • Sebastian Gorka

  • Devon Smith

  • Zach Halaschak

  • Pastor Jenkins

  • Casey Given

  • General Haake