Your Voice Your Future: Gun Owners vs. Mass Shooters

On the latest installment of Your Voice Your Future we focus on the gun debate in America. Gun owners are in a position where their right to bear arms is being threatened due to mass shoots and gun violence seen throughout the country. 

David Blumenfeld has been developing a story over the past few months to figure out why Israel’s gun policies result in such low gun violence. Owning a gun in Israel is not a right but earned through extensive training and background checks. Most Israeli citizens have also served in the military. 

The expert panel includes Leon Spears from DC Concealed and Carry, Mathew Larosiere from Firearms Policy Coalition, Amy Swearer from The Heritage Foundation, Erich Pratt from Gun Owners of America, and Ameshia Cross from Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Watch the discussion unfold about gun ownership, safety, reasonable restrictions, training, education, and the path forward as this is bound to be a topic of concern for the coming elections.

“Individuals are going to do bad things.” - Armstrong Williams

“It’s ultimately the heart of the individual that's the problem and they will get theirs hands on whatever instrument to kill.” - Erich Pratt

We hope you enjoyed the show and be sure to checkout the next one.


  • Leon Spears

  • Mathew Larosiere

  • Amy Swearer

  • Erich Pratt

  • Ameshia Cross