The Armstrong Williams Show: Trump Supporters vs. Non-Trump Supporters

On the latest installment of The Armstrong Williams Show we discuss the recent news cycle including Trump, democratic debates, and foreign affairs as well as Al Regnery’s travels .

Our panel consisting of Joe Siminson, Jose Aristimuno, and Jason Nichols examine this week’s news cycle of supreme court rulings, democratic debates and much more. The supreme court ruled against President Trump regarding the highly anticipated census citizenship question. Armstrong has no qualms when discussing the democratic candidates speaking Spanish and the idea to decriminalize illegal border crossings. Mueller is set to testify on July 17th and Trump less than pleased with his announcement. With Trump’s visit to Japan, Armstrong and the panel discuss US relations with China and its neighbors including North Korea.

The recent Rex Tillerson and Jared Kushner debacle gets unraveled by Shelby Emmett, Paris Dennard, and Horace Cooper including other political happenings. See why the democratic candidates are focusing on Mitch McConnell rather than Trump. On the topic of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Armstrong says “the girl has power!” Her lack of experience doesn’t seem to be an issue but time will tell. 37% of black Americans now support Trump. Horace predicts there will be a growing disparity in the way black men and women vote.

Al Regnery joins Armstrong to share the stories of his travels and the resulting book, Unlikely Pilgrim. The stories range from making friends in Syria to sleeping on a cot at a Bulgarian farm. Al’s experiences have led him to realize that people, while they may not like the American Government, do in fact like Americans. The rich history of Christianity throughout Europe and the Middle East was the motivating factor for Al’s pilgrimage. 

The after show segment has Armstrong and Chris Jacobs discussing healthcare and the plans currently being proposed by the democratic candidates. Chris suggests that doctors and patients should be at the center of the solution, not government.

We hope you enjoyed the show and be sure to checkout the next one.


  • Jason Nichols

  • Jose Aristimuno

  • Joe Simonson

  • Shelby Emmett

  • Paris Dennard

  • Horace Cooper

  • Al Regnery

  • Chris Jacobs