The Armstrong Williams Show: Conquering Our Fear of Differences

On this edition of the Armstrong Williams Show, Armstrong is back to live broadcasts in the new studio. Along with a distinguished panel, Armstrong dives into the recent major news stories regarding China, John Bolton, the Middle East, and much more.

Armstrong begins by asking Frank Gaffney about the China trade deal and its implications. The conversation about China continues by digging deeper into the complex relationship between the US and China. Are trade tensions resolving for substantial reasons or because tariffs would be problematic with Christmas coming?

The rift between President Trump and John Bolton is rooted in our military presence in the Middle East. Armstrong does not understand how we justify the spending in Afghanistan and our military presence in the Middle East. Trump is frustrated with the lack of results while Bolton disagrees with Trump’s suggestion to negotiate with terrorists. 

The Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil production infrastructure has been making waves. Iran is notorious for their connection with the Houthi movement which is increasing tensions in the region. 

These geopolitical events have Armstrong wondering if Trump concerned most for the long term security of the US or has a greater concern of his optics now.

Dr. Ben Carson was under investigation for misconduct in a furniture controversy and has finally been vindicated. Armstrong sits down with Dr. Carson to reveal the cost of this investigation and legal battle. 

The recent democratic debate and the focus on gun control is causing problems for gun control proponents. Beto’s inflammatory soundbites about gun confiscation did not help his campaign, other than his tee-shirt sales, nor the gun control movement.

Media has come to a point where there is little journalistic integrity which does not pair well with such a politically divided environment. Better education of journalists and less tribalism when it comes to investigation and facts might be a place to start.

We hope you enjoyed the show and be sure to checkout the next one.


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