The Armstrong Williams Show: Trump Administration Plans to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes

On this edition of the Armstrong Williams Show, we discuss the recent E-cigarette concern, DC statehood, as well as Iran and Saudi Arabia tensions, and much more.

Considering Saudi Arabia’s involvement in 9/11, should we believe their claims that Iran attacked the oil reserves? An anonymous guest from the CIA joins the conversation to add an inside perspective on such a complicated matter. 

Renee Garfinkel gives her commentary on Iran and terrorist groups within the region. Ambassador Gray calls in to give his take on Ukrainian corruption and Bruce Fein and Deana Bass respond. 

It has been 30 years since DC held hearings about whether statehood should be considered. Ambassador Gray does not think this is consistent with the constitution and Deana is not thrilled with the potential outcomes of DC statehood. 

The vaping movement is underway and is comprised of every demographic you can think of. How is this market evolving and what is its history? Armstrong sees health and well being as the last concern of the corporations involved in this industry. It is a complicated issue where multiple federal organizations release contradictory information regarding vaping and the health complications of smoking. 

Armstrong pays respects and recognition to Cokie Roberts as a role model Journalist.

We hope you enjoyed the show and be sure to checkout the next one.


  • Bruce Fein

  • Deana Bass

  • Renee Garfinkel

  • Ambassador C. Boyden Gray

  • Kimberly Leonard

  • Paul Blair

  • Dee Dee Bass Wilbon