An Opinion: The Browning of America

An Opinion: The Browning of America

NEW ORLEANS (8/13/16) - It is estimated that about 12 % of European Americans in Louisiana have at least 1% African ancestry in their DNA. In the Southern States of this country, by most standards, this makes them African American. Viewed from another perspective, 328,186 people in Louisiana, who self-identified as white on the last census, are actually Black. On a larger scale, 6 million people who consider themselves white in the United States of America, carry African DNA.

Hillary: All Fizzle And No Sizzle

Hillary: All Fizzle And No Sizzle

‘All sizzle and no steak,’ is a long-standing American idiom denoting someone who is full of style and flash, but lacks substance. But what about the opposite? – All Steak and no sizzle. Well, that might be ok, at least you’re getting a steak. But Hillary Clinton’s campaign of late may be a case of the worst of both worlds: all fizzle and no sizzle.

God Morning

This is a time when our country is facing great challenges. We need steady, able leadership to guide us through these perilous straights.  We are in a fight for the soul of our country and face a fundamental choice whether we will cower under the shade of dependency or rise to the light of opportunity. We need policies – in education, healthcare, and fiscal responsibility - that will foster opportunity and independence.

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It saddens me that we've lost such an amazing woman, who served as first lady with poise and an advocate for those suffering from Alzheimers. 

Nancie Reagan served as the first lady with grace, dignity, and honor during her time in the White House with former President Ronald Reagan. She was generous and caring and redefined the role of first lady. Upon leaving the White House, she became the voice of the voiceless, representing millions of Americans who were directly or indirectly dealing with Alzheimers and all of its effects. 

She made it her mission to improve and save lives and many people benefited from her voice.

She left this place better than she found it and for that, I am thankful.


God Morning

              We live in a country – nay, a globe – where the rights of women have been woefully abused for centuries. Yet as a nation America has risen to the forefront in leading the way for women’s rights, beginning with the women’s suffrage movement, and including advancing women’s health both domestically and globally, raising awareness against domestic violence, promoting responsibility of fathers, and championing educational and workplace equality for women.  While we have come a long way in advancing the notion that women are not merely an extension of the male ego, in fact property to be owned, controlled and subjugated by men, we have unfortunately fallen behind in our protection of perhaps the most vulnerable class of human beings among us – unborn babies.

               I mention the case of the advancement women’s rights in the context of the human rights of unborn children for a couple of reasons.   Firstly, the context in which women’s rights evolved (especially in the West) came out of the scientific exploration of the enlightenment era.  In that context reason and objective consideration were said to be a superior approach to dealing reality than the lens of religious dogma, superstition and ignorance.   Enlightenment philosophers for example, could easily refute (using science and reason) the belief common at the time that a woman was merely an extension of a man’s body, ‘Adam’s rib’ so to speak – and not a separate and individual soul enjoying the same inalienable rights before her creator.

               Today we are dealing with a similarly pernicious dogma. It is not a religious dogma in the sense of the pre-enlightenment beliefs about the roles of women, but a secular dogma cobbled together out of a well-meaning attempt to promote women’s independence.  It goes something like this: a woman’s right to control over her body is sacrosanct, and an unborn baby is a part of a woman’s body. Therefore a woman has the unfettered right to treat an unborn baby as she sees fit. The implications of this secular dogma have not only lead to a host of legal fictions culminating in Roe vs. Wade and similar court rulings, but also improbable real world outcomes.  

The implication here seems to be clear.  Under the current liberal dogma, unborn children have no rights that a corporation is bound to respect.  Meanwhile science continues to advance, bringing the objective facts more clearly into view.  Viability outside of the womb is fading as a bright line for defining the beginning of human life.  As those of us of faith have always known, life begins at conception, and so do the Constitutional protections afforded all human beings.          

Mr. Williams is Manager / Sole Owner of Howard Stirk Holdings I & II Broadcast Television Stations and Executive Editor of American CurrentSee online Magazine. 

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America At A Crossroads
A four-year term is a long time for a U.S. President. Two terms is even longer. 

During that time, a Commander-in-Chief will face many tests, many of which we can never anticipate today. So what should we look for in a leader?

Should we judge candidates by their willingness to say what is popular today, or by their foundational values that will not change, and thus guide them today, tomorrow and for years to come?

What do we want in a candidate – sound bites, or solutions and substance?

Do we want volume or virtue?

Should our candidates’ pasts be a window into their future, or should we trust candidates to be tomorrow who they say they are today? 

Should we pay more attention to what they do in the limelight now, or what they did in the past when they weren’t asking for our support?

Our presidents are not just chief executives. They are America’s face to the world. They represent you, me, and every one of our citizens.

We need to know that at the end of the night, away from the cameras and the adulation, that the person we elect is thinking about us, and what we need in order to live safer and more prosperous lives. 

Deep down, we must feel comfortable knowing that the person we elect sees the presidency not as the ultimate personal achievement, but as selfless public service on behalf of 300 million Americans.

Armstrong Williams 

How To Help Our Military Defeat The Terrorists

How To Help Our Military Defeat The Terrorists

In the past, wars were waged by nations. Beginning in the wake of the Crimean War and culminating after World War II, countries around the world agreed to a set of rules for armed conflict designed in large part to protect civilians. 

God Morning

Today we mourn a true American patriot, Antonin Scalia, who stood tall over the highest court in the land for more than three decades.  Let us all pray for his wife, children and grandchildren.

The U.S. Senate must block President Obama if he attempts to make an appointment to the bench during his final lame duck months in office.  There is too much at stake for America.  We MUST protect the Constitution. 

As Conservatives, we MUST band together at this moment to protect our great nation and ensure Antonin Scalia is succeeded by someone who will be dedicated to defending the Constitution.  Someone like Scalia who ruled by the law and not a political agenda.