Flint Water Crisis

God Morning

Something is definitely rotten in the state of Michigan. And it’s not just the lead-poisoned water coming from the corroded pipes undergirding Flint’s public water system.  The rottenness goes to the very core of an attitude of managerial expediency unfettered by moral leadership.

               Contrary to widespread belief, Flint Michigan’s water woes are not the result of decades’ long neglect of critical infrastructure investments – although that is certainly a contributing factor.  The blame for Flint’s water problems lies squarely with a legacy policy choices dating back decades.  The fact that towns like Flint, Michigan are currently facing critical fiscal crises is the result of successive generations of corrupt and incompetent local elected leadership.  

               Let’s be clear. The situation in flint was not an act of nature, or an accident, or a mistake. It is a man-made environmental disaster. It was entirely foreseeable and entirely preventable.  Potentially thousands of children and elderly citizens may have suffered permanent neurological injuries due to elevated levels of lead in their blood – elevated levels caused by drinking and bathing in contaminated water.

               The level of official misconduct here is beyond ludicrous.  In fact, if it weren’t staring us right in the face, we would have difficulty conceiving of such ribald villainy on the part of our elected officials. The situation in Flint is a humanitarian debacle of world class dimensions. 

After hosting and participating in last night's town hall meeting in Flint, our brightest moment of the evening was meeting and embracing the incredible and courageous people of Flint.

Mr. Williams is Manager / Sole Owner of Howard Stirk Holdings I & II Broadcast Television Stations and Executive Editor of American CurrentSee online Magazine. 

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