God Morning

America At A Crossroads
A four-year term is a long time for a U.S. President. Two terms is even longer. 

During that time, a Commander-in-Chief will face many tests, many of which we can never anticipate today. So what should we look for in a leader?

Should we judge candidates by their willingness to say what is popular today, or by their foundational values that will not change, and thus guide them today, tomorrow and for years to come?

What do we want in a candidate – sound bites, or solutions and substance?

Do we want volume or virtue?

Should our candidates’ pasts be a window into their future, or should we trust candidates to be tomorrow who they say they are today? 

Should we pay more attention to what they do in the limelight now, or what they did in the past when they weren’t asking for our support?

Our presidents are not just chief executives. They are America’s face to the world. They represent you, me, and every one of our citizens.

We need to know that at the end of the night, away from the cameras and the adulation, that the person we elect is thinking about us, and what we need in order to live safer and more prosperous lives. 

Deep down, we must feel comfortable knowing that the person we elect sees the presidency not as the ultimate personal achievement, but as selfless public service on behalf of 300 million Americans.

Armstrong Williams