South Carolina

God Morning

The GOP debate Saturday night in Greenville gave the voters of South Carolina clear insight to the men seeking their vote at the GOP Primary on February 20th.  I hope all my fellow South Carolinians will take a moment to think about that and reflect on the behavior of the debate participants.  Try to project each one of those men sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office.  Think about the vicious and explosive behavior – attacks by men ruled by temper and harsh words shooting arrows in every direction.

But, you know, one man kept from the gutter and the slime pit; my dear friend Dr. Ben Carson.  Dr. Carson once again rose above the nastiness of politics with his message to “We the People”.  He is a Godly man who, as he said, would be accountable to all Americans and beholden to no one.  So, as all of you head to the polls this week, think about who you truly want representing the American people.  Who will really lean into the wisdom of God before making important decisions?  Someone who says it to garner votes or someone who has lived it every day of their adult life?

The beauty of America and our democracy is that the choice is in our hands, plain and simple.  Do you want a man who worked his whole life saving lives, was a beacon of inspiration to young people from the inner cities, gave out thousands of scholarships, and fought tirelessly for the unborn?   Or do you want someone who will do or say anything to get elected.  I ask that each of you do your own research and identify the candidate that best matches up with your values.  One that will allow you to sleep soundly each night knowing your family is living under their protection each and every day. 

For me, that choice couldn’t be more clear or obvious, Dr. Ben Carson is the only man with the quiet strength and moral conviction to lead this nation forward.