Just wanted to extend my appreciation for the Armstrong XM radio show. Armstrong your character is to be admired....keep up the good work!!!!!
— Kim Moore
Just watched you politely and adroitly destroy Wash DC’s argument against concealed carry. From 2nd Amendment to racism, you hit all the points the rest of us are thinking but don’t say. I am embarrassed to say I had never heard of you until this morning, but am a follower now!
— Mack Mckinney

This is an amazing program! You are a natural facilitator, and these kids are simply magical, the depth of their observations and insights were mind blowing. They were so wise and astute with a fantastic ability to articulate these views.

I like how you challenged them and how they rose up to meet you, they did not back down. POW!

Well done, thank you for including on this.
— Paul Dolman