Poor Immigrants 

#StrongTalk w/ Armstrong Williams 

President Donald Trump’s new immigration rule wants to favor wealthy people coming into this country, not the green card seekers that can’t support themselves. Starting in October, to apply for permanent residency, you’ll have to meet high enough income standards. 

This rule is aimed at hundreds of thousands of immigrants who enter the country legally every year and then apply to become permanent residents. 

Now, I’ll be the first to say that I understand that this new policy comes off as insensitive to the plight of poor immigrants, to some degree. However, think about it like this. For many of us, family is the most precious thing in the world. I’m sure we all have at least a family member or two that constantly find themselves in a hardship. How many times have you helped those individuals? For many of us, the answer to that question is multiple times. 

At some point though, you get to a place where you get fed up. Yes, I said it. You grow tired of your family members emergencies becoming your emergency, and you tell yourself that you’re not going to cripple them any longer.

Well, let’s be honest with ourselves about something. America itself is in a bind. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, this country is struggling in a lot of areas, despite the rise in the economy in the past several years. We just simply can’t afford to continue to allow people from other countries to come into the United States without having the ability to support themselves. Do we not have enough people on American soil today who are homeless or part of the “working” poor?

How about those people? We’re still struggling as a country to fix those issues, so how can we continue to take on more people from outside countries who can’t take care of themselves? 

As a country, you get to a point where you’re just fed up and you have to cut people off. Now, I’m not saying that this should be the case long term, but what the Trump administration has introduced seems to be a good option for right now. 

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Epstein, Epstein, Epstein...


(#StrongTalk w/ Armstrong Williams)

Do they really think we’re that stupid!?! According to federal officials, Epstein’s death was a suicide, but the fact that this was even possible is beyond baffling to me and many other Americans today. Was this man not one of America’s highest profile federal prisoners!?! There’s a reason why the FBI is investigating this. There’s a reason why Attorney General William Barr said he was “appalled” by the news.

And let’s not forget that this is a man who tried to commit suicide less than two weeks ago. He was then placed in solitary confinement and was supposed to be on suicide watch. So, how does this happen!?!

Oh and while we’re on the topic of solitary confinement...let’s talk about it. Is that not designated for prisoners who are a threat to the prison and those who are an escape risk? This man was a threat to HIMSELF! By placing him in solitary confinement, the prison staff basically handed him a noose.



Your Voice Your Future: Gun Owners vs. Mass Shooters

On the latest installment of Your Voice Your Future we focus on the gun debate in America. Gun owners are in a position where their right to bear arms is being threatened due to mass shoots and gun violence seen throughout the country. 

David Blumenfeld has been developing a story over the past few months to figure out why Israel’s gun policies result in such low gun violence. Owning a gun in Israel is not a right but earned through extensive training and background checks. Most Israeli citizens have also served in the military. 

The expert panel includes Leon Spears from DC Concealed and Carry, Mathew Larosiere from Firearms Policy Coalition, Amy Swearer from The Heritage Foundation, Erich Pratt from Gun Owners of America, and Ameshia Cross from Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Watch the discussion unfold about gun ownership, safety, reasonable restrictions, training, education, and the path forward as this is bound to be a topic of concern for the coming elections.

“Individuals are going to do bad things.” - Armstrong Williams

“It’s ultimately the heart of the individual that's the problem and they will get theirs hands on whatever instrument to kill.” - Erich Pratt

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  • Leon Spears

  • Mathew Larosiere

  • Amy Swearer

  • Erich Pratt

  • Ameshia Cross

Armstrong Williams, Watergen USA, and Flint Michigan

Armstrong Williams and Watergen USA have been making great strides in Flint Michigan regarding the water crisis from which many residents are still suffering. The Greater Flint Holy Temple received a Watergen system to help with their efforts assisting those in need. Follow this story as people in need get access to what most of us take for granted, clean water.

The Armstrong Williams Show: Restoring Honor and Integrity

On this edition of the Armstrong Williams Show we have an in depth discussion on the importance of your word, integrity, contracts, and honor. “The character of our nation starts with your word.” - Armstrong Williams

The way to teach integrity is not through books and words but through actions. Your word is your bond as explained by Richard Davis. Being able to look someone in the eyes and know they will do what they say use to be common instead of today which requires documents and contracts to enforce integrity.

Ameshia Cross explains the lack of integrity she has experienced with past friendships, and Sebastian Gorka says he does not trust any branch of government, giving his personal experience. As someone in the media, Zach Halaschak tells what a journalist’s greatest asset is, their sources, and how integrity is paramount in those relationships. Our very own correspondent and veterinarian, Devon Smith, is trusted with beloved pets and animals and must deliver to the best of her ability. Casey Given joins the panel and proposes an interesting idea: technology has lessened the need for people to be bound by their word. “The swamp is real and you better watch your six…” - Sebastian Gorka  

Armstrong Williams sits down with Pastor John Jenkins who has an expert perspective on honor and integrity and with former General Timothy Haake who relied on integrity when it matters most, life and death situations.  

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  • Richard Davis

  • Ameshia Cross

  • Sebastian Gorka

  • Devon Smith

  • Zach Halaschak

  • Pastor Jenkins

  • Casey Given

  • General Haake

The Armstrong Williams Show: America's Contribution to the World

The 4th of July is here. Join us as we dive deep into what made America what it is today.

Armstrong Williams sits down with former Ambassador Andras Simonyi to discuss the example America sets. Andras Simonyi was the first ambassador of Hungary to NATO  giving him a unique perspective on America’s contribution. “Europeans hate American leadership, but they hate the lack of it even more” - Andras Simonyi

America has always been a work in progress and as Armstrong says “history moves slowly.” Colleen Shogan along with Bruce Fein discuss the social progress made on gender and race. Kemi Abdul gives a perspective from the outside looking in on how the world views America.

Brittany Lewis and Adam Michel join the panel as they get continue to dissect the rough start America had with equality. There is a difference in opinion when discussing America’s founding and its legislative shortcomings and corrections.

The impact America had over time not only in technological and economic innovation but also in literature, entertainment, and the many reputed American authors cannot be overlooked. Along with innovation came the startling wealth inequality especially seen with the robber barons of the early 20th century. 

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  • Ambassador Andras Simonyi

  • Colleen Shogan

  • Bruce Fein

  • Kemi Abdul

  • Brittany Lewis

  • Adam Michel

The Armstrong Williams Show: Trump Supporters vs. Non-Trump Supporters

On the latest installment of The Armstrong Williams Show we discuss the recent news cycle including Trump, democratic debates, and foreign affairs as well as Al Regnery’s travels .

Our panel consisting of Joe Siminson, Jose Aristimuno, and Jason Nichols examine this week’s news cycle of supreme court rulings, democratic debates and much more. The supreme court ruled against President Trump regarding the highly anticipated census citizenship question. Armstrong has no qualms when discussing the democratic candidates speaking Spanish and the idea to decriminalize illegal border crossings. Mueller is set to testify on July 17th and Trump less than pleased with his announcement. With Trump’s visit to Japan, Armstrong and the panel discuss US relations with China and its neighbors including North Korea.

The recent Rex Tillerson and Jared Kushner debacle gets unraveled by Shelby Emmett, Paris Dennard, and Horace Cooper including other political happenings. See why the democratic candidates are focusing on Mitch McConnell rather than Trump. On the topic of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Armstrong says “the girl has power!” Her lack of experience doesn’t seem to be an issue but time will tell. 37% of black Americans now support Trump. Horace predicts there will be a growing disparity in the way black men and women vote.

Al Regnery joins Armstrong to share the stories of his travels and the resulting book, Unlikely Pilgrim. The stories range from making friends in Syria to sleeping on a cot at a Bulgarian farm. Al’s experiences have led him to realize that people, while they may not like the American Government, do in fact like Americans. The rich history of Christianity throughout Europe and the Middle East was the motivating factor for Al’s pilgrimage. 

The after show segment has Armstrong and Chris Jacobs discussing healthcare and the plans currently being proposed by the democratic candidates. Chris suggests that doctors and patients should be at the center of the solution, not government.

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  • Jason Nichols

  • Jose Aristimuno

  • Joe Simonson

  • Shelby Emmett

  • Paris Dennard

  • Horace Cooper

  • Al Regnery

  • Chris Jacobs

Blacks are "at the back of the political bus"…

During The Armstrong Williams Show last week, Horace Cooper, from Project 21, summarized how black American’s are currently viewed in progressive identity politics. Follow the link below to the article written by David Almasi.

The Armstrong Williams Show: Immigration, Global Scholars Foundation, Stock market

On the latest installment of The Armstrong Williams Show we discuss the 2020 election trail, immigration, the Global Scholars Foundation, and trading on the stock market.

As President Trump announces his reelection campaign, Amber, Brittany, and Kelsey discuss the democratic nominees and particularly Joe Biden’s position. 

Rep. Hostettler, Gunther, and Amber engage in a productive dialogue about immigration. The conversation ranges from census questions to what the best methods might be for dealing with illegal immigration at the southern border.

Marcia and Jalia share their experience with the Global Scholars Foundation. An organization which empowers students to learn new skills and languages. The experience students gain is then put to the test when they travel to foreign nations.

 Lastly we have day trading and penny stocks with Bjorn and the Karaman family. William Karaman shares his day trading journey, starting at twelve years old, and how he has become such a successful trader. The father, Bill, helps run the business while William teaches others like Bjorn and his sister Katrina.

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  • Kelsey Bolar

  • Amber Athey

  • Brittany Lewis

  • Renee Garfinkle

  • Rep. John Hostettler

  • Gunther Sanabria

  • Jalia Johnson

  • Marcia Brown

  • William Karaman 

  • Bjorn Brooks

  • Katrina Karaman

  • Bill Karaman