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Superbowl LVIII Commanders Cocktail Party

Updated: Feb 12


This year's Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs is gearing up to be one for the history books. The 49ers, led by their quarterback, Brock Purdy, is an inspiring story that we rarely get to see. Formerly known as Mr. Irrelevant, as he was the final pick of the 2022 draft, everyone expected him to go nowhere. But now he's leading one of the best teams in the NFL to the Super Bowl. He'll be up against superstar Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. In his seventh year, Patrick Mahomes shows no signs of slowing down, leading his team to 3 Super Bowls, and winning twice.

Amidst the backdrop of this momentous Super Bowl, I had the pleasure of attending the Washington Commanders Cocktail Party at KUSA NORI Japanese Restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's one of many cocktail parties going on in Vegas right now, as each team hosts their own  Super Bowl weekend event. 

In attendance were all-stars, legends, owners, and royalty in both business, sports, and media. One would believe they were in Maryland / D.C. considering the number of D.C. and Maryland-based people in attendance.

One man in attendance was Josh Harris, a man who had recently acquired the majority stake ownership  in the Washington Commanders.

It was a delight to learn about Josh Harris's perspective on his Newley acquired team. He was enthusiastic and is fully prepared to lead the Maryland-based Washington Commanders to the Super Bowl next year. In his own words, “It’s great to be here, but I want to be here playing.”

In attendance as well were Mark Ein, Redskins legends Doug Williams 1987-88 Super Bowl MVP , Joe Theismann, Chef Geoff, Nora O'Donnell who hosts CBS News evening news , Jan Adams President JMA Solutions , Mashea Ashton CEO Digital Pioneer Academy and Jason Williams President of the Commanders. Theisman, as you may know, led the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins to two consecutive Super Bowls, winning one.

Despite the Washington commanders' failure to advance to the final stretch of the season, there was an atmosphere of anticipation and delight. It was conveyed to me that although the commanders were unable to make it to the Super Bowl, they were still rooting for another Maryland team, the Baltimore Ravens, to advance to the end.

Having the opportunity to witness the internal conversation of attendees at these events was a delight. It provided extraordinary insight into the upcoming season and the determination that these owners and players possess to accomplish greatness in the coming year.

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