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On this Presidents’ Day, honor the presidents, both the good and the bad

PUBLISHED: February 19, 2024 |

George Washington, our first president, penned the following in 1789: “I walk on untrodden ground. There is scarcely any part of my conduct which may not hereafter be drawn into precedent.”

Washington acknowledged his fallibility. Although he acknowledged he was venturing into uncharted territory, he was resolute in his duty as president to do whatever was necessary for the preservation of the republic. We were fortunate to have Washington as our first president. He established a lasting precedent for the nature of national leadership that continues to this day.

There have been both outstanding and corrupt presidents since the time of George Washington. Regardless of their moral character or lack thereof, all are eternally connected by the fact that they were elected by the people in a process that has persisted for nearly 250 years.

Every four years, millions of Americans cast ballots in an effort to elect a leader who will steer the nation toward greatness. The American people desire the freedom to determine their own destinies and live their lives without being burdened by onerous government actions. Each year, when Americans cast their ballots, they assume the risk of electing a president who will either act in their best interests or pursue unjust policies.

In addition, they indirectly influence the selection process for political appointees and cabinet members that will be led by their newly elected president. Individuals hailing from various parts of the world, with a significant number originating from Maryland.

Spiro Agnew, Richard Nixon’s Vice President, is among the most notable Marylanders in relation to the president. Irrespective of personal stances regarding Nixon or the forgivability of his sins, it is indisputable that the presidency and vice presidency remain a constant that the American people will forever select every four years.

On this Presidents’ Day, honor the presidents, both the good and the bad, and acknowledge that millions of Americans cast their ballots in their favor, regardless of personal preference. Acknowledge the significance of the presidency and the gravity of its responsibilities. Perhaps by that time, Presidents’ Day will have greater significance in your life.

Armstrong Williams (; @arightside) is a political analyst, syndicated columnist and owner of the broadcasting company, Howard Stirk Holdings. He is also part owner of The Baltimore Sun.

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