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The time has come for fundamental change.

Education is the foundation of every nation's success or failure; it produces upstanding citizens, lifts people out of poverty, and catalyzes change. Crisis in the Classroom is full of captivating, insightful essays by renowned Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump; neurosurgeon and former Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson; and serial entrepreneur and media personality Armstrong Williams that expose the harsh realities of the current state of education in the United States and its repercussions on underserved and marginalized communities.


Crisis in the Classroom presents the unvarnished realities of poor educational outcomes, a topic that is frequently missing from the headlines, and how these have led communities and generations of future leaders to descend into poverty and devastation.

Despite the grim realities depicted in Crisis in the Classroom, the authors show us that faith and unity, paired with an apolitical, solution-based approached to the education crisis, can provide hope for a brighter future

Individuals from vastly different political positions agree that there is a crisis in education.

A must read. This compelling set of essays by three leading, independent, and highly respected voices takes on the range of challenges facing underserved communities. Whatever their differences, they all agree on the moral imperative to address the civil rights issue of our time-the failure of our inner-city schools to provide a quality education to all children. The time has come for fundamental change."


former Attorney General

"...offers parents and students effective support in exposing the shortcomings and creating real solutions.

Each author understands the pivotal impact a quality education had on their extraordinary life achievements. Education is the foundation of every nation's success or failure; it produces upstanding citizens, lifts people out of poverty and catalyzes change."

The book explores the root causes of the spiraling educational crisis in America and proposes novel fixes; it is wisdom that will not be welcomed by those profiteering from the catastrophe of the educational status quo.  Our children, educators and nation deserve this book." 



Armstrong Williams Book Club offers the ultimate book-reading experience for book lovers of all ages and is the perfect place for discovering new books with timeless values while saving money.  


A call to our highest virtues and ideals.

What Black and White People Must Do Now explores the complexity of race and culture in the United States. In his third book, renowned conservative entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist Armstrong Williams discusses his prescription for healing and atonement amidst today’s current social upheaval. 

Race and racism are America's original sin, and four hundred years later, they still plague the nation, pitting groups against each other. Despite how much time has elapsed, many Americans remain befuddled by how to move forward; however, the time for solutions has come. 

In this book, Armstrong Williams recounts his personal story and journey growing up working on his family farm in rural South Carolina, leading to an unexpected meeting with the late Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, which turned into an unlikely relationship that led him to the halls of power in Washington, D.C. 


​​Williams calls for all Americans to stand up to represent America’s highest virtues and ideals, and he challenges us to look beyond the pale of race for something much deeper. 

“Finally, a trusted voice on what needs to happen in America in order to heal our divides. Armstrong’s extraordinary success as an entrepreneur, coupled with the respect he has in all communities gives him an insight that very few have. This book is long overdue and a must-read.”

—Benjamin Crump, Esq.,

renowned civil rights attorney

“Today we find ourselves dangerously in a place of uncertainty that beckons leaders to rise up and speak up for the values and integrity that this country was built on. Yet, we must evolve, and we must do it quickly and with poise and fortitude. In this book is the poise and fortitude that sees the truth from both sides of the equation; the truth that others are afraid to speak, you will find here.”

—Ambassador C. Boyden Gray,

former White House counsel to former President George. H.W. Bush and former ambassador to the European Union

“Armstrong takes on the toughest topics currently facing the United States and he does so in an honest and straightforward way. He doesn’t shy away from being blunt and honest about what we all need to do to continue crafting a more perfect union. If you’re looking for the unabashed truth, this book is for you.” 

—David Smith,

chairman of Sinclair Broadcast Group




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Blogger's new book spotlights worrisome trend that is chilling to free speech

"A friend recently suggested I check out Tim Urban’s new book, “What’s Our Problem?: A Self-Help Book for Societies.” Its impact was chilling because it touched upon a critically important and ominous topic: the silencing of free speech by those with differing views."


Africa Must Heal Itself -- And Not Rely on America

"The Africa Leaders Summit compares unfavorably with Biden's rolling out the red carpet to host French President Emmanuel Macron on Dec. 1, like the difference between flying first class and coach. Biden placed certain topics at the Africa summit off limits...."


Major Broadcasters Launch NextGen TV 

"Today’s launch in Birmingham follows a decade of development and months of planning and preparation by the local stations. WTTO, which is owned by Sinclair, and WSES, which is owned Howard Stirk Holdings, have converted to ATSC 3.0 transmissions."


Something big is happening in New York, and Democrats should be scared

"New York is often considered a beacon of democratic principles; a home for those who believe that equity and social justice trumps all... Nevertheless, contrary to what we may think New York to be, the recent trends in the campaign for governor suggest that New York may be on its way down a different route."

Mom's Hug_edited.jpg

"A son’s first love is his mother. A mother’s last love is her firstborn. A daughter’s first love is her father. A father’s last love is his eldest daughter."


Biden’s Middle East trip met with controversy, disrespect

"President Biden returned to the United States after his high-profile yet controversial trip to the Middle East. While there, he visited Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Though there were some positive headlines, the trip seems for now to be mostly a flop..."


The Left Won the Abortion Debate. They Just Don't Realize It Yet

"A decades long struggle for the preservation of our country's dignity and for the sanctity of life has finally come to an end. The Supreme Court has finally, and correctly, determined that the right to an abortion is not found in the Constitution. Rather, the Court ruled, it is the right of the people of the states to vote on the issue and decide for themselves." 


Abortion Battles Likely to Conclude with Aristotelian Mean

"The authenticated leak of Justice Samuel Alito's draft 5-4 opinion overruling the United States Supreme Court 1973 abortion rights precedent of Roe v. Wade is likely to stick. The draft fully reflected the judicial philosophies of the five-member majority and the oral argument last December in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization." 


This Easter, let's rediscover our purpose

'Given that Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we should take advantage of this opportunity to reflect on ourselves and delve deeply into our minds in order to discover what brings us fulfillment and, ultimately, what our mission is in life.." 


'Very dangerous': Putin becoming unpredictable

"WASHINGTON (TND) — President Joe Biden warned Americans Monday of the growing possibility of Russian cyberattacks against the U.S. as Russian President..."


Preventing a world war: What is in the United States playbook?

"Many vital and strategically relevant events are going on completely unnoticed, unmentioned or flat-out ignored by the mainstream media while we Americans and the rest of the world watch the unfolding events in Ukraine."


Crisis in Ukraine shifts to a rally of support for African students and migrants

"Crisis in Ukraine shifts to a rally of support for African students and migrants."


Armstrong Williams: This Black History Month, let’s make history

"As we celebrate Black History Month and the great accomplishments of African Americans to the United States since its founding, I wanted to take a different perspective..."


This Thanksgiving Pray to Heal America from Several Epidemics.

As we near the end of the year, I urge my fellow Americans to work together to overcome the ugly partisanship in which many have indulged. Let’s find common ground.”


Many of America's Black youths cannot read or do math — and that imperils us all

"How could this happen in schools located so close to the nation’s capital? I have reported extensively.."


Tone-deaf Obama

"This is part of the reason that Biden's poll numbers continue to decline among independent voters. Americans are independent thinkers.."


Give us independence from death, uncertainty and division

"No country in history is as unique as the United States. The intelligent design of our nation allows us to change through time and develop beyond our transgressions."

American Flag

How America can fulfill its destiny and lead the way to a better world

"America is a land of prosperity; a shining beacon of light that illuminates an otherwise dark world wherever it lays its flag.


It is a land built on the promise of freedom and liberty from the constraints of government, and on the fulfillment of one’s destiny."


Enough Is Enough: It's Time to Take Back Our Streets From Criminals

"The streets of America are in chaos. Amidst the chaos, young people are taking advantage of the situation to loot and destroy stores, with no regard for the safety of others. Videos of these ruthless thieves have gone viral, showing them ransacking stores and taking whatever they can get their hands on."


Pundit predictions for 2022 midterms: Who will win?

"This election will yield big GOP gains largely because blue collar workers are revolting in the Northeast and siding with GOP candidates and a massive wave of Hispanic voters shifting to Republican candidates particularly in the border states and/or where immigration figures prominently."


Harris’s suggestion to distribute disaster relief ‘equitably’ isn’t just wrong — it’s dangerous

"At a Sept. 30 event organized by actress Priyanka Chopra Jones, during which she interviewed Harris, Chopra posed an incredibly loaded and convoluted question concerning the United States’s climate objectives and the hurricanes that have wreaked havoc on parts of our nation."


"Imagine a world devoid of journalism. Would our lives be better off without it? Historically, the response was an emphatic "No!" Historically, the function of journalism has been to provide us with unbiased insight into the affairs of the world, to illuminate the dark secrets held by miscreants and to make us far more conscious of the issues that will touch our everyday lives." 


When It Comes To Helping Black Kids, Our Leaders Are All Talk, No Action

".. This catastrophe will go down in history as among the most detrimental to the Black community because we will be responsible for allowing an entire generation of young people to fall into the clutches of crime, drugs and poverty, thereby prolonging the perpetuation of a subculture that must come to an end."

American War Cemetery

The Public Was Uninvited From Memorial Day U.S. Capitol Celebration

"The 2022 PBS National Memorial Day Concert took place outside the United States Capitol, but you probably weren’t there to witness it. While congressional VIPs and their guests were invited, the exclusive, nationally televised PBS event was closed to the public." 


Free Speech's Greatest Foe: Free Speech

"Among the most enduring cornerstones of America's prosperity is the people's right to free, uncensored speech. When our forefathers devised our Bill of Rights, they anticipated the chilling impact that outlawing speech would have on free and prosperous democracy." 


We should worry about America’s clergy retiring from the pulpit

 "Now its impact is reverberating in our religious communities, which are experiencing an alarming number of pastor resignations at a time when the need for spiritual guidance and counseling is ever important."


America needs to rethink its participation in NATO

"There are some important things to consider when weighing the utility of having NATO and having the U.S. as a central player in it. What we have witnessed since the terrorist..."


Where's Biden's Comprehensive Strategy?

"President Joe Biden lacks a comprehensive strategy. In 24 hours, yet another breathless flip-flop on one element of the Russian-Ukraine policy crisis.


Now more than ever, the 2nd Amendment is vital to our future

"The concept of an armed populace is an important dynamic not only for our own society but also for any enemy looking to invade the United States. While it may not always seem like it, the world is a dangerous place and while we’ve enjoyed many moments of peace..."


Dr. Ben Carson draws 1,500-plus to Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast to praise 'neighbors assisting neighbors'

"The concept of community is integral to who we are," said Carson. "Don't cancel your neighbor because they don't agree with you."


Gigi Sohn’s Confirmation to the FCC Will Undermine Minority Media Growth and Achievement

"It’s become a bit of a cliché to say that such stories can “only happen in America”—but that’s because the idea rings powerfully true.."


Biden is Correct  About our Failing Education System. Now, It's time to Act.

"Baltimore City School District. The figures aren’t simply stunning; they’ll make your heart skip a beat and your stomach turn...."


NBC25 Owner Armstrong Williams donating atmospheric water units to Flint

"HSH has worked as a leader in bringing new technologies to assist the people in Flint, Michigan during the water crisis and has been invaluable in its progress."


Chicken Little Alarms Voiced Over Repeal of Section 230

"Chicken Little alarms were recently voiced in the U.S. Supreme Court that eliminating or narrowing the immunity from suit social media platforms enjoy for third-party postings under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act would cause the sky to fall on their operations."


President Biden’s bribe of young Americans

"As the dust settles on the midterm elections, and the Republican Party emerges victorious in their bid for control of the House of Representatives, we can take a moment to reflect..."


Williams: Why do we accept deception?

"Truth is often difficult to express. To tell the truth is to acknowledge both successes and shortcomings. Tragically, failure has overtaken the truth, compelling politicians to spread lies and mislead the public in an effort to solidify their positions of power and garner support for their administrations."


Israel heads to another election as Bibi eyes a return to power

"Israel heads to another election as Bibi eyes a return to power."


Law-Abiding Gun Owners Will Not Harm You. But Criminals Will

"While I understand the desire to act quickly, we should not act in a way that makes villains of law-abiding gun owners who only wish to protect themselves and their families while simultaneously giving criminals the upper hand in their pursuit of destruction..."


Armstrong Williams: Hillary Clinton lied again. This time, her lies will be exposed

"Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton attended Yale Law School. But they must have skipped class for the lesson in honesty related in Sir Walter Scott’s epic poem, “Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field”: “Oh what a tangled web we weave /When first we practice to deceive.”


One of the Largest Cryptocurrencies Is Dead. Where Do We Go From Here?

"A catastrophic cryptocurrency crash, one that many considered to be the largest in history, occurred after UST, an algorithmic stablecoin that was designed to keep a value of $1, fell to approximately $0.10. The value of its sister currency, Luna, plummeted from approximately $90 to $0.0002." 

Image by Tim Mossholder

Biological Sex Isn't up for Debate

'Regardless of what the mainstream media and Democrats might want you to think, no one can change their biological sex, regardless of the hormones or surgical procedures that they might undertake to attempt to do so." 


Career CIA agent calls assertion Biden has nothing to do with son's scandal 'blatant lie'

"...Armstrong Williams sat down with retired CIA operative Charles S. Faddis to discuss the former agent's reaction to the latest revelations concerning Hunter Biden’s laptop, which were once dismissed as "Russian disinformation."


Washington Wrap:
Teen Crime Surges

"Parents are not allowed to discipline their kids in their home," said political expert Armstrong Williams when The Morning Show asked why there was an uptick in juvenile crimes."


Major Broadcasters Launch NextGen TV 

"Today’s launch in Charleston follows a decade of development and months of planning and preparation by the local stations. WGWG, owned by Howard Stirk Holdings, has converted to ATSC 3.0 transmissions. "


Reflections on Judge Jackson's Nomination to the Supreme Court

"President Joe Biden's nomination of U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to fill the Supreme Court seat to be vacated by Associate Justice Stephen Breyer at the conclusion of October Term 2021 has predictably begotten misconceived commentary."


HSH on BE100's

From technology and manufacturing to food services and media, these companies represent the revenue and employment leaders of black business as well as its greatest innovators. 


America’s Moral Depravity

"Famed rapper Travis Scott hosted his notorious Astroworld event in Houston amid the jubilation of tens of thousands of fans. They flocked to Texas to walk through..."


There’s a little Henrietta Lacks in all of us

"All of this would lead to a fateful day in November of 1950, where Lacks was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cervical cancer..."


SCSU named one of nation’s most influential HBCUs

"Everywhere you look, you will find leaders and influencers who got their start at S.C. State,” Clark said."

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