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“The Armstrong Williams Show” will deliver a relaxed, Saturday morning format featuring Williams and a wide range of local, national, and international guests. The show will address some of the underlying concerns and perspectives surrounding the week’s events, with a little more perspective than weekly news yet less spoilage than the Sunday shows. Williams promises that viewers will get the benefit of timely news and perspective before the topics have been completely trampled by the media.

- Warner Todd Huston, BREITBART NEWS


New Kent Williams Center for addiction opens in Marion


Kent Williams, brother of Armstrong Williams, secured funding for a new addiction center after the previous center was destroyed by Hurricane Florence. This new center was named in honor of Kent’s efforts.

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Thought provoking conversations led by political commentator and nationally syndicated columnist Armstrong Williams. The podcast features a wide range of guests and focuses on examining current events and diving into robust circumstances that impact the nation.

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