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“The Armstrong Williams Show” will deliver a relaxed, Saturday morning format featuring Williams and a wide range of local, national, and international guests. The show will address some of the underlying concerns and perspectives surrounding the week’s events, with a little more perspective than weekly news yet less spoilage than the Sunday shows. Williams promises that viewers will get the benefit of timely news and perspective before the topics have been completely trampled by the media.

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Armstrong’s Interview on Fox Nation


New revelations, and now a previously-unseen interview, raising questions over former Vice President Joe Biden's account of his handling of Anita Hill's 1991 sexual harassment allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.

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Pay TV Titan AT&T Continues Scorched-Earth Ways

Armstrong Williams

In July, in an opinion piece for Broadcasting & Cable, I expressed my displeasure and befuddlement at AT&T/DirecTV discontinuing retransmission consent negotiations that had been under way for months with my Howard Stirk Holdings’ (HSH) stations. I thought AT&T/DirecTV was wrongfully (and selfishly) using its gatekeeping power against my free-to-the-home TV stations.

As one of the very few African-American TV owners in the country, I also thought AT&T/DirecTV was impacting diversity by truncating my market access, limiting viewer choices, and trenching upon cherished First Amendment values, which hold that more voices are better than fewer.

I urged AT&T/DirecTV to return to negotiations.

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Latest Show: 


On this edition of the Armstrong Williams Show we focus on sexual assault and human trafficking with reporting from Mark Hyman and commentary from panelists Devon Smith, Erinn Izykowski, and Andi Buerger.

Watch till the end for the lightning round with William Ricciardella, Jason Nichols, and Robert Patillo.


Thought provoking conversations led by political commentator and nationally syndicated columnist Armstrong Williams. The podcast features a wide range of guests and focuses on examining current events and diving into robust circumstances that impact the nation.

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