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A New American Gaza Awaits Us:Hezbollah is on its way into America, fueled by foolish open border policies.

November 2, 2023 |

If you assumed that the oceans separating the United States and the war between Israel and Hamas would make you safe, think again. Terrorists are not simply at America’s doorstep; they’re in the house, and our leaders are too unprepared and afraid to stop it. Hezbollah, one of the largest terror organizations, boasting over 100,000 members, is on its way into America, fueled by the foolish open border policies that the Biden administration has championed.

Hezbollah began in Lebanon, emerging in the early 1980s following the Lebanon War. Today, it stands as a major extremist group. Driven by a religious mandate, they view America and Israel as parallel adversaries, both nations they believe should be obliterated. Their mission is to destroy freedom wherever it thrives.

Hezbollah has a global footprint, but a significant fraction of its operatives is based in Venezuela. Reports suggest a collaboration between Hezbollah and the Venezuelan government in an attempt to transform the country into a nexus for international crime. Surprisingly — or perhaps not — Venezuela tops the list for migrant entries in the U.S. with around 55,000 apprehensions in September by Customs and Border Protection, more than double that of Mexican migrants. These operatives undoubtedly manage to cross our borders quite openly, only to be detained, provided with essentials like a phone, food and transport, and a distant court date — which most fail to show up to.

Terrorists, it seems, may actually be given preferential treatment to American citizens. Who would have thought?

This scenario has paved the way for an alarming spread of terrorist cells within the United States, and our unwavering quest for privacy has inadvertently provided groups like Hezbollah with even more avenues to undermine our security. Consider apps such as Telegram, Signal or Discord. These platforms offer users the ability to establish anonymous, encrypted accounts for secure messaging. Messages can be erased at the user’s discretion, leaving no remnants once deleted, unlike many other popular applications.

Naturally, there is immense value in privacy. However, when universally accessible tools can be wielded by bad actors, we must grapple with a challenging question: Where do we draw the line on privacy? Should there be mechanisms allowing law enforcement, with proper warrants, to access messages, generally? I suspect opinions are divided; many might agree, while others firmly disagree. In our digital age, the battle over privacy stands tall at the intersection of politics and social discourse, with risks of terror threats often falling behind the wants of Americans to communicate and use the internet without Big Brother’s watchful eyes on them.

Regardless of where we land on this debate, it is crucial to remember that there are extremist terror factions within America aiming to transform bustling cities like New York and Los Angeles — already strained with high migrant intake and limited tracking capacities — into war zones resembling Gaza. Their ambition is to instigate conflicts that could challenge even the formidable strength of the U.S. military. They are here already, and America is in such a divided and strained state that they would have no problems taking advantage of us.

Inciting political discord, using the most extreme and vocal individuals to influence and polarize public opinion, is just one of the many things that they can use against us. Their objective is undoubtedly to drain our resources, compel us to prioritize outsiders over our own citizens, and intensify unrest in our major cities. Given the trajectory the United States is on, it appears increasingly likely that Hezbollah, along with any allied extremist groups, truly could transform one of our major cities into Gaza faster than we think.

America needs to be tough; this is why we need stronger border policies. It is undeniably true that outsiders need help and that most people crossing our border are in a bind. But America’s interests are more important; we need to protect our own before we protect everyone else. There’s a reason why conservatives call for closed borders. It’s not because they don’t think people ought not be given help, but because they know that opening our borders puts us at risk to people with bad intentions infiltrating our country.

We’ve seen it already, with gangs like MS-13 and the like proliferating, committing disgusting, satanic acts such as beheading people and eating their hearts. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before enough terrorists cross over our border into our nation and strike us when we least expect it. Yet, this time, it won’t be local news; it will be international news. Tragically, only then will the Biden administration — or whoever is in power at the time — realize that a wall needs to go up, and it needs to stay up, lest our nation fall under attack once more.


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