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Armstrong Williams: Adults have totally dropped the ball on child discipline

PUBLISHED: June 19, 2024 |

They call these “street takeovers” and with all this chaos, it’s no surprise it’s leading straight to crime. We see kids smashing and grabbing, thinking it’s the new normal. And why? Because we, as adults, have totally dropped the ball on discipline.

We sit around watching our screens, while our kids run wild, mimicking the worst of what they see. It’s like we’re raising a generation of thrill-seekers with no boundaries. Take X, formerly Twitter. The platform has officially opened the floodgates to pornography, and kids can just waltz right in. It’s like handing them a free pass to the dark side of the internet.

And TikTok? It’s a breeding ground for stupidity. Dangerous trends get millions of views, turning risky behavior into a viral sensation. These street takeovers, these smash and grabs, they’re not just random acts. They’re symptoms of a bigger problem. We’ve lost the plot on teaching discipline and responsibility. We’ve let our kids think this kind of behavior is okay.

We complain about the crime rate, but we don’t want to face the truth: Our own unwillingness to set boundaries and enforce discipline has created this mess. We’re letting the chaos spread because it’s easier to blame the youth than to admit we’ve failed to guide them. And until we step up and take responsibility, this chaos is just going to keep growing. We need an adult takeover because, clearly, we’ve got a shortage of grown-ups stepping up.

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Jun 22

"President" Biden and Hunter are the perfect example.

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